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The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] aatash has translated volume 3 of the Persona 4 Drama CD which can be read here. ♥ The theme this time seems to be studying for exams, school sports events, and Souji being adorable. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

Naoto totally schools everyone--including Adachi lololo--on math and science and history, it's great. And when she sprains her ankle during the relay race, Kanji picks her up and hoists her to the nurse's office. SPECIAL. Also, this:

Teddie: If it's fun, Teddie wants to try it too!
Yosuke: Don't do it, Teddie! That's first-year Math...!
Teddie: Uh... Y minus five is... cross?
Naoto: Teddie-kun!
Chie: Purple smoke is coming out his ears!
Kanji: Teddie exploded.
Chie: Don't narrate his inner implosion like a common scientific explosion!

Also, Souji motivating Kanji to feel better about his math skills is so cute. SO CUTE. Ahhhhhhhh ♥
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Part 2 of the Persona 4 Drama CD has been translated by [livejournal.com profile] aatash AND IT IS AMAZING SERIOUSLY EVERYONE GO READ IT. It has adorable things and is just hilarious in general and is also Valentine's Day themed! ♥ ♥ ♥ My favorite part?

Naoto: We were not at the scene, nor did we hear Nanako-chan's side of the story. However, she is not a child who would do such a thing without reason. She must have a reason.
Dojima: The reason being... that I can't spend time with her... and she's lonely?
Souji: Dojima-san...
Naoto: It appears you do understand what she is thinking. Nanako-chan is still in the first grade. She cannot express exactly what she wants to say. She's incoherent, she makes mistakes... that must make her frustrated and angry with herself. I believe it is natural. After all, it is the same for you, Dojima-san.
Dojima: W-What did you say?
Naoto: *laughs*


Naoto: Um... Dojima-san. I apologize for teasing you earlier.
Dojima: No, it's fine. You were right.
Naoto: I do envy Nanako-chan.
Dojima: You?
Naoto: Yes. I have never really interacted with my parents before, you see. My parents were always busy and I, too, was concentrating on my detective studies. Now that I think about it, the pressure of inheriting the family business had burdened me greatly. Eventually, both my parents left this world...
Dojima: I see. Well, I can't say that we interact all that much...
Naoto: However, I am certain Nanako-chan understands.
Dojima: Yeah. I'm emotionally inept, after all.
Naoto: That's right.
Dojima: You actually agreed! Are you that keen on overtime?
Naoto: Unfortunately, I am not the investigator in charge of this case, so I do not have to take your orders.

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For the people who didn't see it, the P4 drama CD has been translated here by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] aatash.

I think Track 8 is my favorite just because of things like this:

Rise: Does Kanji always carry a sewing kit with him?
Naoto: Tatsumi-kun has very skillful fingers.



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