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Name: Naoto Shirogane
Age: 16
Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Canon: In the small rural town of Inaba, the most exciting thing to happen all year has been the opening of the new Walmart-esque department store. That, and the bizarre series of murders and kidnappings linked to a strange phenomenon known as the "Midnight Channel," where would-be victims appear on a turned-off television at midnight when it rains. The protagonist, Seta Souji, and his diverse group of friends must rescue the people who appear on it by fighting their way through mysterious monster-filled worlds inside the television, created by the internal psyches of the people trapped within. By facing their true selves, they harness the power of Persona and must use their abilities to find the victims before they turn up as corpses.

Known as the "Detective Prince," Naoto Shirogane is originally sent by the prefectural police to investigate the murders. Despite his young age and small size, Naoto demands respect from both peers and authority figures, displaying remarkable intelligence, deduction skills, and tendency to exposit. Though he is sometimes withdrawn to the point of stubbornness, he is driven to uncover the truth behind the incidents, even to the point of using himself as bait to draw out the culprit. Once he faces his true self, Naoto comes to realize that he must accept himself for who he truly is; underneath the cool, calm exterior, Naoto has an unrivaled enthusiasm when it comes to solving mysteries, a trait he developed as a young child who loved reading detective novels. The most important thing Naoto comes to realize is that [spoilers]she must accept herself as both a detective and as a woman, something she has quite a bit of difficulty with. Her hesitancy towards anything sexually related stems from her hesitancy in accepting her gender -- but she's getting better.[/spoilers]

Sample Post:

I must say, the tenacity of this encampment's inhabitants is truly astounding.

There's only so much I can tell from observing, but from a first glance it seems that living here would be extremely difficult. I imagine between suffering daily harassment from the hostile creatures that prowl the area, living with the constant threat of bodily alterations, and anticipating something even more horrifying coming to pass, the conditions necessary for human wellbeing would be insufficiently met. However, the truth can be surprising sometimes. What I found was not, as the title of the "Camp" suggests, scenes of devastation -- although it must be said that it is a far cry from any normal summer camp. Instead, it seems to me that the people trapped here have somehow managed to endure these abhorrent circumstances and organized truly impressive methods of survival.

However, this begs the question as to the origin of the monsters surrounding the area, and indeed, of the area itself. My gut instinct tells me that I've been to a place like this before, several times... but if that's the case, from whose psyche was this "Camp" generated? Obviously, it can be none other than the mysterious, unseen figure whose name I've picked up from my observations: the Director, Miss Elizabeth Sayre. It's already an assumed fact that she is the one who created this place, which must mean she's had a hand in the process of establishment. But what precisely was her influence on it? The swamp setting, the lumbering undead, the sheer unpredictability of the place... it all stems from what can only be described as a truly degenerate mind. And if that is the case, I am led to believe that the prowess Sayre holds over her realm, depraved as it is, is staggering. And that monster in the lake... it's as if the Director's true self is revealed by allowing this creature to hold sway over anyone who comes near it.

Unfortunately, this is where I've run into a bit of trouble. My limited investigation, added to the frustrating fact that there are virtually no clues pointing towards Sayre's location, has left me without enough information to do much of anything. I need more evidence, and to do that, I'm afraid I am left with no choice. I'll need to go undercover to gather the material I need. It's possible that it may unveil a trap, but it needs to be done. First things first: I hear there is a camp-wide event taking place in a few days. I'll ask around to find more about it -- if I'm an active participant, perhaps I'll be able to understand the sort of whims Sayre places on her inhabitants. Then, if all goes well, I'll be able to use this information to lead me to her whereabouts.

Oh, I see, there's a pamphlet to start on it right here. How... strangely convenient. Perhaps there is a hidden message in the paper, by means of cryptography or some such? ... No, it's nothing of the sort. If this is part of the Director's method of control, I'm afraid it's not very effective. Honestly, I'm a detective. Well, no matter. Let's see what it says... "Revealing Your True Self: A How-To Guide for the Annual--" M-M-Mandatory what?!

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