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[IC - Drop Post (backdated to before vacation shenanigans)]

[a series of letters and a few items have been left in easily-discovered places around Camp, depending on who they are for]


[to Judith, left somewhere she won't find until after her return: a bouquet of red spider lilies and a note: Please excuse the morbidity of the flowers. I was unable to think of a more appropriate symbol at such short notice. I have truly enjoyed every moment spent with you, and I promise that I will not forget so easily. I dislike leaving Camp when I know there is calamity coming--but I know your strength and resilience. There is more that I will be saying to you in person, and I can hope that my nerve will not fail me. In the event that it does, please know that I (there is a break here with some scribbles)am ill-adept at expressing my true feelings at times, and for that I apologize. Regardless, they are there, and they are nothing but deeply fond of you. I will miss you.

Please take care. Yours, Naoto Shirogane.

[to Raven, also left somewhere he won't find until after his return (?): There is much that will have already been said in person at this point (somehow it has become that I find you easiest to speak with), so I will keep this short. Thank you for everything--it has been a true pleasure to have come to know you and count you as a friend. I will miss you, and I hope that you do not doubt my feelings for an instant. Yours, Naoto Shirogane.]

[to Jennifer Check: I apologize for the short notice on this, but I was having difficulty putting my thoughts into words. For what it is worth, I do believe you are much more than what others may perceive of you, and I wish you the best. I won't ask you to do anything for me or in my stead but to be happy when you can. I have not treated you as well as I should have, and I do regret it--I cannot take it all back now, but if I could, I would.

Please take care. Yours, Naoto Shirogane.

[to Momiji Sohma, written in German (not perfect, but close): Thank you for everything. It has been a pleasure to know you, and to have been your friend. Please take care. Yours, Naoto Shirogane.]

[to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The offer for an extra room at the SEES dorms is still open; if anyone objects to you using it, simply show them this letter. It has been a pleasure to have met both of you. I wish you--not luck, perhaps, but success in your endeavors. Yours, Naoto Shirogane.]

[to Ronan Nolan Jr. and Sam Winchester: a box with ten mini-GPSes and two notes: Please be on the lookout for a large series of packages arriving within a few days. I took the liberty of organizing emergency kits to be distributed out amongst Camp's populace. Each kit contains a sleeping bag, a waterproof tarp, a map of my own design, a hand-crank flashlight, a canteen, and a backpack to carry it all in. There should be enough for everyone in Camp, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee it will all arrive in the same condition. I've also built ten handheld GPSs for the both of you and anyone you trust to be a guide. I realize this is an imposition upon you, and for that I apologize. I trust you will do what is right.

in addition, there is a USB flash drive for Sam with a note: These are the case files left to me by Edgeworth-san. I don't know how much help they will be at this time, but here they are for future reference.

--Naoto Shirogane

[to Noir: a loaded pistol, and a note--I realize sentiment is not worth much, but there is little else I can offer you. I regret that I will not be able to offer my aid in fighting against the Destroyer, and I wish you and yours the best of luck. Do not stand down. Yours, Naoto Shirogane.]

[of course, if you wanted to catch Naoto in person, she's still packing for her trip to Terca Lumereis in the SEES dorm after putting this all up. '-']

((drop post is open pretty much forever /o/ though I will be picking at it after class. the stuff for Judith and Raven is not to be found until after they come back THOUGH RAVEN'S WILL REMAIN FOREVER UNREAD T_T))

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