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You can watch it streaming here, with subtitles. A few people have mentioned that the video is jerky for them, but I can't really pinpoint the cause of that since it worked just fine for me. It might be the server lag since the episode just came out today.

MY THOUGHTS IN A NUTSHELL: Some liberties are being taken, but they're fairly mild and used to speed up the plot for the beginning parts. It's staying close enough to canon that I don't have any real complaints so far--but I'll have a better idea of where it's going after a few more episodes have aired. Mostly this is an excuse to post that gif. GO YOUSUKE GO

ETA: Raw episode on MegaUpload kindly provided by [livejournal.com profile] isthisourchance~
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oh the dirty thoughts that gif is giving me.
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I'd better keep up on the game, so the anime doesn't give me too many spoilers as I go along!
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We're getting ready to go on the school campout.
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That picture is like

the quintessential Yousuke.
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