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... well then.
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All I know is Trinity Soul was a giant fail.

Oh well, even if it's terrible, one can always laugh at it. Or pretend it doesn't exist! i'm trying to be optimistic okay, hrnggg
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Although the only thing Trinity Soul had to do with Persona 3 is that older!Akihiko showed up as a hot cop. Otherwise it was just pretty bizarre.

...Although I would be okay with an otherwise bizarre anime where older!Naoto showed up as a hot detective...

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And then Raven died from flailing.

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At least it'll be pretty? I think? I never actually watched Trinity Soul but the caps looked decent.

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let's positive thinking!!

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I'M EXCITED FOR THIS? I've heard it's going to be based on the plot of the game itself, so if it's done well, it could be really awesome! If not, though, sob.

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... Okay, I thought it was stated in the actual article, but apparently I was misremembering and it was just what the person who posted about it in [livejournal.com profile] mayonakatv said. I don't know how they got that information. Huh.
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Trinity Soul had an interesting premise but very quickly veered off into intense wtfery and confusion. Hopefully P4 anime with... fare better than that. :x

but it will probably be pretty?